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Votre Page Welcome to The Science & Innovation Festival (SIF)

The Science and Innovation Festival is a series of international conferences aimed at exploring innovation in the fields of scientific, economic, environmental, and engineering research. It will take place at the prestigious National School of Applied Sciences of Abdelmalek Essaadi University, in collaboration with the European Organization for Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies (EuRSED). This large-scale scientific event aspires to bring together the brightest minds from around the world, including renowned researchers, leading industrialists, seasoned professionals, distinguished academics, institutional figures, and esteemed experts.

Its objective is to foster the exchange of information, share theoretical and practical knowledge from a multidisciplinary perspective, and facilitate the pooling of field experiences, critical reflections, and diverse visions on various practices and applications.

The SIF targets all stakeholders operating in different fields and aims to promote multidisciplinary communications focused on innovation and recent research in a wide range of thematic areas. By combining presentations from renowned speakers, academic sessions, interactive workshops, and doctoral programs, the FSI offers numerous opportunities to establish connections, learn, and share knowledge.

It is worth noting that all high-quality articles submitted to the Science Festival will be published in journals, books, and conference proceedings indexed in Scopus (such as IEEE and E3S, for example).




Tetuan, Morocco

Tétouan, is a city in northern Morocco with a rich history, vibrant culture, and a unique blend of influences. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Tetouan is nestled at the foot of the Rif Mountains. The city is approximately 40 kilometers east of Tangier, making it strategically located for both historical and modern trade routes.

Tetouan has a fascinating history, with its roots dating back to the 3rd century BC. The city has been shaped by various civilizations, including Phoenicians, Romans, and Arabs. It became a significant cultural and economic center during the Islamic period, known for its Andalusian architecture and influence. The historic center of Tetouan, known as the Medina of Tetouan, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This well-preserved area showcases a unique blend of Andalusian and Moorish architectural styles. The narrow winding streets, vibrant markets, and historic buildings make the Medina a captivating destination for tourists and locals alike. Tetouan, with its historical charm and cultural richness, remains a gem in the tapestry of Moroccan cities, offering a unique blend of past and present for those who explore its streets and immerse themselves in its vibrant atmosphere.

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