International Multidisciplinary Conference on Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies


The International Multidisciplinary Conference on Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies provides a platform to bring together esteemed researchers, experts, and professionals from diverse fields to explore cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies.

This conference offers a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration, facilitating the exchange of ideas and knowledge across various disciplines. By convening experts in AI, machine learning, robotics, data science, and more, our aim is to foster innovation and pave the way for revolutionary applications.

We invite researchers, academics, industry leaders, and passionate students in the field of AI and new technologies to contribute their original research papers and case studies. We encourage the presentation of novel approaches, methodologies, and applications that showcase the latest advancements in AI and their impact across different domains.

Accepted papers will not only be included in the conference proceedings but also have the opportunity for publication in prestigious indexed journals, ensuring extensive dissemination of valuable findings.

Be a part of this transformative event where revolutionary ideas thrive and new horizons are explored. Join us at the International Polydisciplinary Conference on Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies to stay at the forefront of innovation and shape the future of technology.


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society
Ethical Considerations in AI and Robotics
Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Analysis
Advancements in Natural Language Processing
Robotics in Healthcare: Applications and Challenges
Cybersecurity in the Age of AI
Deep Learning Techniques for Image Recognition
Future of Autonomous Vehicles
Big Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling
Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Education
Blockchain Technology and Its Applications
Sustainable Technologies for Environmental Conservation
Innovations in Renewable Energy Sources
Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design
Bioinformatics: Bridging Biology and Data Science
Smart Agriculture: IoT and Precision Farming
Exploring Quantum Computing Potential
Applications of AI in Financial Services
The Role of AI in Healthcare Diagnosis and Treatment
Social Media Analytics and Sentiment Analysis
AI in Gaming: Simulation and Character Development
Robotics in Manufacturing and Industrial Automation
Cognitive Computing and Natural Language Understanding
Innovations in Virtual Assistants and Chatbots
Smart Homes and Home Automation Systems
Data Privacy and Security in the Digital Age
Impact of AI on Employment and Workforce Dynamics
Innovations in Education Technology and E-Learning
Exploring the Ethics of Autonomous Weapons Systems
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